Bluetooth Communications and Low Energy Systems

NavLink is the World class provider of Bluetooth low energy based technologies for multiple applications. Whatever you do, automotive systems, TV or smart office solutions, we are always here to empower it with high efficiency low energy consumption solutions for the best possible results. We are more than 50 high qualified software and hardware engineers doing smart solutions for smart clients.


With using cutting edge Bluetooth low energy based technology designed by Nordic Semiconductor, NavLink offers its hundred percent in-house developed indoor navigation modules. Our smart tags and wall detectors are available out of the shelf, you can simply use it as is or license the design for your own development works. The accuracy of our indoor navigation solution is up to 2 feet with using qualified NavLink devices and pre-designed cloud-based SDK.


Making indoor navigation available for a wide public, NavLink offers cloud-based solution and software development toolkit to access it from your embedded or mobile devices. Using our technologies you may make your own indoor navigation in several days having no special math or engineering skills. Just make an app, we provide you everything else.

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